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Jessica White Is Not Allowed To Date Others While In Poly Relationship With Nick Cannon

Mr. Nick Cannon be on something! Nick Cannon has access to enough beautiful women to be setting rules on this woman!

Categories Gossip

A Fight Broke Out During Beyonce Concert Over Seat Dispute!

Those seats are costly and these patrons ain’t wasting their coins. Ladies laid their paws on each other for the seat battle while superstar sings her heart out to her dedicated die-hard fans.

Categories Music Social Justice

Safaree Got Robbed!

A video surfaces of him getting robbed.

Categories Crimes

Chrisean Rock Pressing Charges Against Blueface Over Baby’s Twitter Image!

Her mother instinct finally kicked in. Blueface did the most disgusting thing a father would never do to a child. Let’s hope Rock stand firm with the legal threat!

Categories Crimes Gossip Music

Black British Bloggers Network

The Black British Bloggers network is a not-for-profit organisation creating community and opportunity for Black British online content creators.

Categories Business

Singer Cassie Sued Diddy and Bad Boys Affiliates!

Diddy is being sued for 30 millions for sexual assault and physical abuse by his former artist Cassie.

Categories Breaking News Music

The Rock Signed Multiple College Athletes To Beverage Deal!

Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson has had a multitude of entrepreneurial endeavors in the past. So Johnson created another beverage and enlisted top college names to promote his brand. This is black excellence for our young and black athletes.

Categories Business Sports

Cassie And Diddy Settled The Lawsuit The Day Later.

Is Diddy guilty? The lawsuit court papers was very telling with explicit details about the sexual assault and brutal beatings.

Categories Breaking News Music

Detroit Police

Detroit Cop Jumped By Two Young Men In Store!

This cop is being credited for not using his gun during the struggle. The suspects gave up and are at large for …

Shar’Carri Richardson Loses Her First Race This Year.

Twitter is blaming her long hair extension for the race loss.

Categories Sports