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Cassie And Diddy Settled The Lawsuit The Day Later.

Is Diddy guilty? The lawsuit court papers was very telling with explicit details about the sexual assault and brutal beatings.

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Singer Cassie Sued Diddy and Bad Boys Affiliates!

Diddy is being sued for 30 millions for sexual assault and physical abuse by his former artist Cassie.

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Chrisean Rock Pressing Charges Against Blueface Over Baby’s Twitter Image!

Her mother instinct finally kicked in. Blueface did the most disgusting thing a father would never do to a child. Let’s hope Rock stand firm with the legal threat!

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A Fight Broke Out During Beyonce Concert Over Seat Dispute!

Those seats are costly and these patrons ain’t wasting their coins. Ladies laid their paws on each other for the seat battle while superstar sings her heart out to her dedicated die-hard fans.

Categories Music Social Justice

A Houston Man Killed Over Settlement Check

The mother of the man believed he was set up.

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Philadelphia Is A Hot Mess!

Top shops are closing down several units due to high number of retail theft. Apple, CVS, and Rite Aid are some of the companies are removing their stores from the area.

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The Last Of Us’ Woodard Is The Youngest Black Actor To Be Nominated For Emmy Award

Keivonn Montreal Woodard, is the youngest star to be nominated for Emmy award for his acting role in HBO’s Last of Us. He’s an aspiring deaf and avid hockey player.

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Megan Thee Stallion Gushing Over Performance With Beyoncé!

Magen appeared on stage with superstar Beyoncé during Renaissance World Tour concert in Houston.

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Tory Lanez Scared For His Life In Prison!

The Canadian rapper was sent to one of the worst prisons in Cali. He is currently serving 10 years for the Megan Thee Stallion shooting.

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McDonalds Is To Pay 800K To The Child Victim Due To Food Burn

An extremely hot McDonalds’ chicken nugget landed this food chain in court and was ordered to pay 800K for this child’s burn injury.

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